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Southland Service Company (Newark Article / Interview)

The Company was acquired in 1977 by Barney and Mildred Oliver of Newark, who continue to provide these expert laundry services to our community and the Bay Area with humility and integrity.

Commercial and Domestic Leasing: The Company leases and rents domestic and coin-operated washers and dryers to multi-family dwellings, apartments, condominiums, housing for the elderly and handicapped, mobile home parks, and hotels. Further, when washers and dryers are needed in your home, on a temporary basis, and owning laundry equipment is not your best option, a month-to-month rental service is available.

Leasing Advantages: Leasing takes the worry out of repairs and upkeep putting the emphasis on equipment that is well maintained by an experienced team of friendly and reliable professionals. The coin-operated laundry equipment lease for apartment buildings offers commissions, upgrades, and performance, allowing complete laundry-room service to be enjoyed without the headaches of Initial Plant Investment, Depreciation Schedules, Liability Insurance, Maintenance, and Property Tax.

Factory Trained Technicians: Barney has indicated that, “Experienced factory trained technicians assist customers with convenient delivery, installation, and maintenance”. The use of high quality equipment allows minimal maintenance requirements thus resulting in greater customer satisfaction. The Company’s Newark Warehouse facility maintains parts and inventories that result in prompt repairs, and therefore less down time.

Free Planning and Installation: The engineering layout staff provides expert planning that is tailored to meet your specific laundry-room requirements. Without cost to the property owner, Southland Service Company’s professional installation team assures that all projects meet building-code specifications and are completed on schedule.

Personal and Friendly Telephone Receptionists: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Southland Service Company is located at 37350 Cedar Boulevard in Newark. For further information, the sales department can be reached on the Company’s 24-hour Telephone Number, 510-792-6069. The E-mail address is: barney.ssc at sbcglobal.net.